The First Law of Music – Part 3

Valerie was lucky. Unlike Jimmy in Part 2 of this series, Valerie had never been faced with this kind of crisis in music. For her, coming to lessons was a release from the stress of the world. It was her idea to play and no one else’s. She didn’t have to be told to “practice.”…

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The First Law Of Music – Part 2

Love may be the “first law of music,”  described in Part 1 of this series, but this is not always clear to the students or their parents. Sometimes it”s painfully obvious to everyone but the people who need it the most. The phone rang one day a couple of hours before my lesson with Jimmy…

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practice piano

The Practice Detective Part 1: Why Lucy Hated to Practice Piano

Lucy’s mom looked broken. “She won’t practice piano! No matter what I do, she refuses to practice. But she still likes taking lessons. I told her she has to practice or I’ll pull her from lessons and she STILL isn’t practicing. We might only be able to do this till the end of the month unless…

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The First Law of Music – Part 1

“Aloysius.- I am happy to recognize your natural aptitude. There is only one matter that still troubles me. If this is removed I shall take you into the circle of my pupils… Perhaps the hope of future riches and possessions induces you to chose this life? If this is the case, believe me you must…

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The Art of Touch

“All technique originates in the art of touch and returns to it.” -Franz Lizst Your instrument is an extension of your touch, of your body moving through space. Your body responds to the impulses of your heart and your mind, and so your touch will always be unique. It’s a reflection of who you are,…

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