What People Are Saying

“This method simplifies and demystifies the process of learning. It is an extremely encouraging learning tool, a passionate and thoroughly researched programme.”

Patrick Doyle, film composer, Harry Potter, Thor, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Henry V, Brave.

“Ernest Chapman’s “Magic Music Method” combines the best of traditional teaching methods with his own brilliant and innovative approach. I believe it has the potential to revolutionize the way music is taught.”

David Hungate, Bass player for Toto, Alice Cooper, Vince Gill; Producer, Chet Atkins

“There is an ancient saying that “Life is just a game”, and there are many ways to play. Sometimes people forget that music is a game too, and that’s what I see in the “Magic Music” approach to teaching music. I see cards, I see dice, a clock with cards around it, and that just looks like fun. It’s not like homework, there’s no drudgery involved. The Magic Music Method is teaching music like any game; when you learn the rules of the game you can forget them and just play!”

Roy “Futureman” Wooten, Drums/Drumatar, The Wooten Brothers, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones; Composer, Arranger, Conductor, “The Black Mozart Project”

“I’ve been working my way through Ernest Chapman’s “Magic Music Method,” and am having a great time. The games are fun and instructive. The “Magic Music Method” is nice preparation for students who want to acquire necessary reading skills later on.”

Pat Pattison, author, “Writing Better Lyrics”, ”The Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure”, “Songwrit- ing Without Boundaries”; Founder of the Songwriting Department at Berklee College of Music

““I love the piano, it’s my favorite instrument. I’ve always wanted to play and I took lessons when I was a kid but it just didn’t take.” This is a paraphrase of what I’ve heard at least 500 times from people at shows or visitors to the recording studio. I have long thought that music is joy but, so often, learning music is not. With the Magic Music Method, Ernest Chapman has given teachers a resource to make the learning as joyful as the playing. The chapters on theory and chord formation are really wonderful and encourage experimentation and improvisation while the method inculcates all the “nuts and bolts” of traditional piano instruction.

In short, I believe Mr. Chapman has found a better way.”

John Hobbs, studio and live keyboard player, arrangements for The Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Keith Urban, Toni Braxton, B.B. King, Joan Baez, The Everly Brothers, Lionel Ritchie, Barbara Streisand, David Cassidy, Olivia Newton-John, Cher, Sara Evans, Vince Gill, Kris Kristofferson, LeAnn Rimes, Emmylou Harris.

“As professional musicians, my husband and I promised we’d never push music on our kids, and for awhile it seemed that none of them enjoyed music enough to play without being pushed hard. Then we met Ernest. After our son’s first session with Ernest, he said “Ernest makes you realize how much you WANT to learn!” Within weeks our kids were on their instruments every day because they wanted to be, playing songs they loved and composing their own music, playing with and for each other, and for friends and family for the pure pleasure of sharing music.”

-Lari White, 3-time Grammy award winning songwriter, hit producer for Toby Keith, Broadway actress in “The Ring Of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash” as June, and international touring artist.

“Ernest represents the best in what a teacher should be. He not only imparts knowledge and skill in music and instrumental performance, but he challenges his students to see the world (musical and philosophical) through many different lenses and apply their lessons to the universal problems of life.”

-Kristin Wilkinson, composer and arranger for Johnny Cash, Jason Mraz, Ben Folds, etc.

“As a musician, composer, producer and music teacher for over 30 years, I appreciate how friendly, accessible and inviting Ernest’s book makes playing the piano. As the head of a rock music school in New York, I taught beginning students for 15 years, and I know that making music seem easy and fun, as well as giving kids a feeling of success, is essential to getting them to practice and play. In this book, Ernest has a great approach to getting students off the ground, whether they are young or old. I highly recommend it.”

-Matt Wilder, founder of the first “School of Rock” in New York (Group-Music), Vanderbilt College Lecturer in Music, producer and engineer.

“The Magic Music Method is a great book for beginners. The lessons are fun, not intimidating, and emphasize a very natural approach to the piano. The fun and joy of music is the goal, and the method for getting there is presented in a methodical “learn at your own pace” way. I would definitely recommend this book to students and their teachers.”

-Pat Coil, keyboard player for Michael McDonald, Vince Gill, Natalie Cole, Trisha Yearwood, member of Jazz Faculty, Middle Tennessee State University

“The greatest thing about Ernest’s “Magic Music Method” program is the way it removes the anxiety from music education. Many former music students remember the stress and lack of joy in music education; and not the fun. His method stresses fun and games and makes learning music what it should be: Joy.”

-Brooks Loomis, healthcare executive, student

“Ernest Chapman’s Magic Music Method Piano Level 1 book is amazing. He correlates music learning with life much in the same way as Hermes and Pythagoras. This helps with a broader and universal understanding of music. A great work and helps bring in the dawning of the musical, mystical, magical age of Aquarius.”

-Elijah Reginald Wooten, guitarist for The Wooten Brothers, teacher of Victor Wooten

“I took piano lessons from him for 3 years. He teaches a variety of other instruments too though. Years in his magic music method have paid off for his students. To be honest his methods were unlike anything I’ve experienced and I can confidently say I am a better musician for it. He has excellent experience in Jazz and will surely help in that range as well as any other. Take his methods to heart and you’ll emerge a better musician.”

-Greg Maddux, college student

“Ernest was my first piano instructor and one in a series of music theory teachers. His teaching styles are innovative, understandable, and, dare I say, fun. I looked forward to every lesson with Ernest and, even though I’m now in college, we still talk. I cannot speak highly enough of Ernest.”

-Jeffrey Podis, college student

“Ernest is an extremely talented musician and composer so it is no surprise that his insight and experience has led to this clever approach to music education.”

-Suzahn Fiering, International Touring Artist, Educator. Recipient of the“Honored Friend Award” from the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts presented by Sir Paul McCartney. Master Instructor, L’ecole de le Legion D’Honneur, Paris.

“True musician and dedicated teacher! Very knowledgeable about all genres of music and can adapt instruction to your child’s area of interest and ability level. Uses innovative and creative instructional methods and keeps it fun – not tedious. My son always looks forward to his piano lessons with Ernest. Not only has he learned a ton about technique and maintaining focus and music history, but under Ernest’s guidance, he has had the opportunity to arrange and conduct a piece he wrote. Working with Ernest has been a wonderful experience. Great teacher, great person!”

-Emily Bradbury-Fawns, mother of grade school student

“I’ve been taking piano lessons since 5th grade and I’ve had my share of musical experiences. I started taking lessons from Ernest when I was in high school. From the first lesson on, I knew I was going to learn something new every time I walked through the door. I also knew that he had the knowledge to understand me as a person and a musician. One thing that I think is unique about Ernest is that he puts the student first. His Magic Music Method of teaching has been such a different experience than anything I’ve ever been taught before. By using games, sitting down to play piano or guitar is a lot more productive and fun for me. Also, “practicing”? Forget about it. Ernest teaches you to PLAY music and with his teaching methods, practicing doesn’t feel like a terrible task that you don’t want to do. I’ve learned so much with Ernest and his teaching methods, and he has become a good friend of mine. Thanks Ernest!”

-Kelsey Fields, music therapy major, former student

“Before I began learning music from Ernest Chapman, music was a stressful, boring chore. His leniency and ability to let me explore what I was interested in allowed me to learn more about music than ever before. With a variety of unique methods involving playing cards and creativity, I began to flourish more in the realm of creativity and technical excellence. Ernest has truly learned from the greats of music and has also added his own way of teaching. An excellent musician, I hope everyone buys his book entitled the Magic Music Method.”

-Conner Thompson, high school student

“As a music industry veteran of over 50 years it is a pleasure to know my two talented sons are under the musical guidance and wisdom of Ernest Chapman. He not only teaches them how to be outstanding musicians but shares life lessons that make them outstanding young men.”

-Billy Block, famed radio host and drummer, founder of Western Beat